Warranty Policy for Sunidra Mattresses

Sunidra Mattresses are warrantied against any manufacturing defect for a period of one year from the date of purchase. During the first year, the mattress will be replaced if there is any manufacturing defect as mentioned below. During the subsequent years, a pro rata warranty will be applicable.

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Warranty Policy for Sunidra Mattresses

1. Warranty will be available only in case of product failure.
2. Product failure is limited to sagging of the core of the mattress.
3. Reduction of the thickness by > 15% will be considered as sagging.
4. Warranty will not be applicable to the wear and tear of the cover and stitching from regular use.
5. Warranty is valid only if the product is purchased from Sunidra
6. Warranty will be valid only under the proper use of the product.
7. Approach our support center with the invoice and warranty credentials in case of product failure. Invoice and warranty credentials must be provided to avail the warranty.
8. Warranty will be made through the product being replaced with identical product, if an identical product is not available at the time of product failure, a similar substitute of equal/higher value or a refund will be provided.
9. In case of replacement, the warranty will not be extended for the replaced mattress again. The warranty for the replacement will be counted from the date of first purchase.
10. The final decision of the warranty will be made by Eastern Mattresses Pvt. Ltd. Disputes, if any, will be subject to the jurisdiction of Ernakulam.

Important Note: Warranty is invalid if the product is not registered online within 15 days of purchase or bought in exclusive sale such as 1947 sale - 2019 , New Year Sale - 2019 , Diwali Sale - 2019.



*In the unlikely event of your mattress sagging, the warranty offered will be given as mentioned in the above table. For example, in the case of Sunidra BS100, a complete replacement will be given for the first year. If a defect appears after 2 years of use, Pro-rata money back warranty is applicable for balance 3 years. It means that the pro-rata value in rupees, to a consumer, on that mattress worth Rs.10,000 with the warranty of 5 years would be: 10,000 x 3/5 = 6000