About Us

Sunidra welcomes you to the world of ultimate comfort and well-being. We care for you. We know how important your sleep is! Born in 1999, Sunidra was made with one dream in mind to give our customers the best sleep they can get. Leveraging over two decades of continuous research and development on perfecting mattresses as Eastern Mattresses Pvt Ltd, we bring you a premium range of mattresses that equally combines comfort and health benefits. This range includes high-quality coir, foam, and spring mattresses specially customised to offer you a good night's sleep. Derived from Sanskrit where ‘su’ signifies goodness, and ‘nidra’ connotes sleep, we commit to providing you with a blissful, comfortable and healthy sleep that reassures a positive transformation of your waking hours!

We want our customers to not just like going to sleep but truly love it. Sunidra is all about invoking that silent spell that enchants the sleeper and lulls them into a sense of eternal elation. We want them to enjoy every moment of rest and look forward to a blissful night every day. For this, we knew we needed to craft mattresses that are as close to perfection as possible, and that has been the driving force of our operation:

Choosing a Sunidra mattress will not just change the way you sleep, it will change the way you live. With the gift of restful sleep and a less stressful mind, you will find that every day is a little better, and that a reason to smile is never too far away When your nights are joyous, your days will follow too. And with Sunidra, the joy of good sleep will always be with you.

In all our years of perfecting mattresses, we have seen how your preferences have changed over time. In our constant endeavour to provide the most convenient services to our customers. In 2019 we decided to present ourselves with a new identity.

Keeping in mind these changing preferences, we have entered the Direct To Customer space. Consumers can effortlessly place their orders for their favourite mattresses through our website or their favourite marketplace platforms. This will be delivered quicker at their doorstep for free. With no middlemen, we pass the price benefits to the customers. The robust team encompasses a group of expert professionals who continually strive together to enrich Sunidra’s overall superiority. In the coming years, Sunidra aims to establish itself as the favourite mattress brand all over the world by ensuring happiness through well-being.