What Differs When the Mattress Materials are Different?

Would you like to have deep, dark circles growing around your eyes? Do you love to spend nights as sleep zombies?


Haha, knew it.


Sleep is an essential component of our life, indeed, and for a blissful sleep, a perfect mattress too. In the market, plenty of options are also available. But, how to choose a mattress that proves to be perfect for you? 

The familiar phenomenon in choosing a mattress is by considering what it is made of - Spring, Coir, Foam, or Latex. Usually, we try to judge them and rank - what is not recommendable. These days, manufacturers invest a lot in research and development in making mattresses. The materials they use are not inferior or superior to one another. Now, the obvious question that emerges here, is - why different materials are used in crafting mattresses? - As we are so different in our sleeping style! Our requirements also differ a lot!

Let's discuss, how easily you can make a wise decision in choosing your perfect mattress! 

Foam Mattresses -

A wide variety of foam mattresses are available in the market. The comfort level of these mattresses can cover extra-plush to extra-firm range depending on the density, combination, and type(s) of the foam used in crafting the mattress. 

Go for a Foam Mattress if 

  • You are looking for a soft mattress and expecting it to be supportive as well
  • You are a side sleeper and want to slightly sink into your mattress and enjoy a huggable feel

Coir Mattress

Coir mattresses are manufactured using natural coconut fiber processed with a natural latex solution. Latex solution makes the breathable coir bare resilient. The comfort level of these mattresses is medium-firm to extra-firm depending on the comfort layer placed on the top of the coir bare. 

Go for a coir mattress if 

  • You want a firm mattress
  • You want to have proper spine support and leave your back pain behind
  • You want a cool and breathable mattress
  • You mostly sleep on your back

    Latex Mattress

    The latex comfort layer is a processed natural material extracted from rubber trees in liquid form. It's the most resilient of all mattress comfort layers and safe for infants, pregnant women or senior citizens, who may be sensitive to harmful chemicals or hard surfaces. Also, being anti-microbial and anti-fungal, latex comfort layer is great for people with allergies. The comfort level of these mattresses is medium-soft to medium-firm depending on the firmness of the latex layer.

    Go for a Latex mattress if

    • You are looking for natural materials for your bed
    • You want the mattress to be cool and breathable
    • You want a plush feel with adequate spine support and resilience
    • You are a combination sleeper

    Spring Mattress

    Spring mattresses are supportive, firm and bouncy. The pocket spring mattresses are famous for their motion isolation technology. Besides, they are breathable enough and don't accumulate body heat inside. The comfort level of these mattresses is medium-soft to medium-firm depending on the mattress topper.

    Go for a spring mattress if 

    • Your sleep partner tends to toss and turn and you want to sleep peacefully
    • You want a bouncy mattress
    • You want a blend of comfort, support, and luxury
    • You are combination or stomach sleeper

    Now, it’s important to add here that though mattress material is a prime factor, it should not be the only criteria to select your mattress. Why so? The mattress industry in this modern era is evolving at a rapid rate, setting new standards and innovating new ways to craft better sleep. So, it's always advisable to consider the mattress quality, technologies used to craft the mattress, manufacturer's reputation, loyalty and service, warranty and price points before making a purchase decision.

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