How to Clean Your Mattress?

Planning to practise good sleep hygiene? Great! But wait, have you ever checked how hygienic your mattress is!

You may keep cleaning your house daily but how often do you clean your mattress?

Did you know? The state of your dust allergy, skin problems and your indoor air quality highly depends on your mattress hygiene! That’s why only buying a good mattress or following a good diet won’t help you get a healthy sleep; keeping your mattress clean is also important.

It’s good if you use a mattress protector and prevent it from gathering dirt, dust, stains, and dead cells. But your sweat, bedroom moisture and the accidental spill of any liquid that penetrates through the bed cover, bed sheet, and the mattress protector may make your mattress dirty.

Mostly we think of cleaning our mattresses if unfortunately, we spill a liquid on it. But many of us don’t even know that a mattress contains a heavy amount of airborne dust particles, dead skin, and dust-mites even if it is covered always and these elements are harmful enough to make you suffer from allergies to chronic diseases like asthma.

Now, how to clean this big stuff?

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner instead of a bed broom. Use a good and high-powered vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a good filter. Vacuum clean both the sides of the mattress flipping it. Remember to clean the vacuum brush properly before using it on your mattress.
  2. Wash all the covers regularly. It is also important to properly wash the mattress cover along with your bed cover, bed sheet and pillow covers to maintain the overall cleanliness. The best option is to use hot water at 60 degrees Celsius or higher while cleaning these linens as cold water or just warm water cannot kill all the dust-mites effectively. Also, use an anti-bed bug and anti-dust mite mattress for better health.
  3. Avoid using steam or liquid cleaning solutions. Never make your mattress wet. Bacteria breeds fast in a wet mattress making it unhealthy. Thus, the materials of the mattress may also start to decompose and deform as well. Hence, we recommend vacuum cleaning as the only best method to keep a mattress clean and safe.                                                                                  How to remove stains? In case of an accidental spillage, blot it with a dry cloth or kitchen paper or use a dryer as soon as possible. Try to stop the fluid from penetrating your mattress. To remove the stain, mix hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap and baking soda in a spray bottle and treat the stained part. Then rub the area with a clean and dry cloth and use dryer. You may also use a homemade mixture of vinegar or lime extract and salt on the stained area, let it stand open for an hour and remove the salt with a clean and dry cloth. Better to use vacuum cleaner again to clean it off well. Cover the mattress again when the area dries properly.
  1. Deodorize your mattress. After cleaning your mattress, you need to deodorize it to remove all smells and make it fresh again. The best method is to sprinkle baking soda and leave it for a long time up to one day. The more it sits on the mattress, the more it will absorb the moisture and odor from your mattress. If you use any other deodorizer, check its user manual on how to use it. After deodorizing is over, use vacuum cleaner again on the entire mattress to deep clean it. Done with this? Your mattress is ready to cover with mattress protector, bed sheet and bed cover, and finally, ready to use!

Now, the obvious question – How often to Clean your bed?

It is highly recommended to remove your bed sheet, bed cover, pillow covers, and the mattress protector to wash every week.

A mattress has to be cleaned once every season apart from the accidental spillage or stains. Manage to deep clean your mattress at least twice a year for better sleep.