How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Male Fertility?


Surprising but serious! Studies suggest that the sleep quality and sleep duration of a man affect his ability to impregnate his partner. Less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours of sleep a day made a record of reduced probability of fertility, said study author Lauren Wise, a professor of epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health.

Though male fertility is not that complex as female fertility, it gets affected badly by the disrupted sleep-wake cycle. To speak in numbers, the men getting sleep less than 6 hours or more than 9 hours are 42% more likely to report the fertility-related problems they face in conceiving with their partners. 

The reasons behind this scene may point towards several factors. Poor sleep invites an unhealthy lifestyle resulting in decreased libido, a decrease in sex. But, even if this factor is controlled, other significant issues also affect male fertility.

A disturbed sleep-wake cycle disrupts the secretion of important hormones in the human body and men are not exceptions. Male fertility also hugely depends on reproductive hormones like testosterone. Sleep deprivation and stress are potential enough to lower the testosterone levels in men’s body resulting in a lower sperm count. A lower sperm count plays a major role in delaying conception.

The other malefactor responsible for lacking fertility in males is anti-sperm antibody (ASA) production. As the name suggests, anti-sperm antibodies fight against the sperms. It happens when the immune system fallaciously targets the sperms in male semen as an intruder and destroys them. When you go to bed post-midnight disrupting your circadian clock, you heighten the level of ASA. The same study found low sperm counts and lower rates of sperm survival also in the late-sleeping crowd.

Besides, lack of sleep is, most of the time, found responsible for the disturbed mood and irritability that worsen the relationships and indirectly create complexities in conception.

Hence, directly or indirectly, sleep has an enormous impact on fertility. Make necessary changes in your lifestyle and get good sleep if you are planning to grow your family. Hope our articles help you to get better sleep soon.

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