Does Sleep Boost Our Immunity?

Sleep solves everything! Yes, getting adequate sleep each night can solve many issues, especially when it comes to our health. It not only limits itself to resolve our existing health hazards but also prevents many diseases by strengthening our immunity system. Surprising but true, when we suffer from sleep deprivation, our immune system gets weak and the chances of falling sick get higher in the mere exposure of common cold viruses, flu, and other infections.

How does sleep empower our Immune system?

While sleeping, our immune system secretes cytokines. These cytokines are the cell signaling molecules that communicate among cells in immune responses and stimulate the movement of the cells towards the sites of inflammation, infection, and trauma. So, skipping sleep may easily affect the production of cytokines.

Now, do you know how the cytokines are made? They are mostly produced by the helper T cells and microphages. These T cells also have a direct connection with sleep.

T Cells, Immunity & Sleep – What’s the connection?

T cells play a vital role in strengthening the immune system. When these T cells in the human body detect a virally infected cell, they activate a sticky type of protein called integrins. These integrins work like an adhesive and help them to stick to and kill the virally infected cells.

Going through several studies, the researchers compared the activity of the T cells from some healthy individuals who either slept well or didn’t get good sleep. Surprisingly, the result differed from one another. They found that the volunteers who slept well had healthier t-cells. Their T cells performed better with a higher level of integrin activation than that of the T cells of the participants who stayed up for long at night.

The findings of the study showcased that sleep has a great impact on the functions of T cells. It is also found that the release of stress hormones due to poor sleep also affects the functionality of the T cells. 

On the other hand, the secretion of stress hormones dips when we get good sleep and the T cells can kill the pathogens effectively without any hindrance. 

So, boost up your immunity with a dose of adequate sleep each night and keep yourself always ready to fight against germs. Any doubt about how much sleep will be adequate for you? It differs from person to person depending on many a criterion. No issues, we have a detailed blog on it. Get the solution here: