Get Rid of Your Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
Do you feel it difficult to leave your bed in the morning?

 Do you feel excessive sleepiness in the daytime every day?  


Feeling tired or sleepy is common but if you feel tired frequently during the waking hours, make mistakes in your day-to-day chores and getting less productive day by day, the symptoms point towards you being one of the 20 percent of the population who suffers from excessive sleepiness. 

This excessive sleepiness not only disturbs your day-to-day activities but also affects your decision-making and your participation in life’s activities. Even several accidents take place daily because of this issue. Fortunately, feeling excessively sleepy is not an illness, but maybe an indication of serious issues. 

To combat excessive sleepiness, we need to dig out and demolish the root cause of the problem. The cause of your excessive sleepiness can be any or many of the following:

  1. Not getting enough sleep - either in amount or quality or both. If you are going to bed late and waking up late, and thereby disturbing your body clock, it affects the secretion of various hormones in your body and may be responsible for your daytime sleepiness.
  2. A sedentary lifestyle, no exercise in your to-do-list and obesity also can make you sleepy throughout the day.
  3. Iron deficiency causes excessive tiredness sometimes.
  4. Drug abuse, mental stress and overthinking may also make you excessively sleepy during the daytime.
  5. Lower oxygen level in blood sometimes causes excessive exhaustion.
  6. Sleep apnea, some medical conditions and some psychiatric conditions like narcolepsy also may cause excessive daytime sleepiness.
  7. Aging is a factor that plays a great role here. Aged people spend more time on bed but usually get less quality sleep at night. So, the daytime for them becomes tiresome and sleepy.

How to treat excessive sleepiness?

You can easily cure excessive daytime sleepiness by following a healthy lifestyle and making some easy-peasy changes in your surroundings. What’s it? Let’s explore.

  1. Eat healthy, sleep healthy. Besides, invest in a mattress that provides you good comfort and support. Also, maintain sleep hygiene and a proper time-table to get good sleep at night. A perfect sleep results in a fresh morning and an active day.
  2. Work-it-out! Exercise daily and keep yourself engaged with productive tasks so that you spend the day well and sleep sound at night.
  3. Take care of your food intake. A balanced diet can avoid so many health hazards making your body fit enough. Take Iron and Vitamin B12 supplements if your body lacks them and your doctor advises to do so. You will get good sleep at night and feel energetic during the daytime.
  4. Stay away from smoking, alcohol, and drug. They ruin your health and disrupt your sleep-wake cycle. 
  5. Live in airy rooms. Avoid air-conditioned or polluted environments. Let your lungs fill with natural oxygen and you feel energized.
  6. Go for regular health check-ups and ensure good health. If there is some medical condition that doesn’t allow you to get proper sleep at night or making you sleepy in the daytime, it needs to be treated with the foremost priority. 
  7. Meet your bed only when you are sleepy. Please note that there are certain differences between feeling tired and feeling sleepy. Don’t get confused between the two. Most significantly, avoid spending your day on bed irrespective of how much you love it!

If your problem of excessive daytime sleepiness persists, consult a doctor and follow his advice to get back to the track. Sleep better, live better.