All about a Coir Mattress

Sekhar had never been so confused until Mili asked his help in selecting a mattress. Mili, the busy-bee, had to consult a doctor yesterday to get rid of her body pains and came back with this advice that she has to change her 9-year-old sagged mattress. Now she wants a better mattress that won’t give her the same trouble.

Surfing the internet, Sekhar came to know that traditional coir mattresses are good for back support, heals body pain and are durable. “Coir!” he wonders. In childhood, he saw a neighbouring shop crafting gaddas with coconut coir fibre and cotton. “Are you talking about the same?” he murmurs.

Thankfully, NO. Mattress companies use rubberized coir bare to craft good quality coir mattresses. They are incredibly supportive and durable.

So, how do mattress experts craft their coir mattresses?

At Sunidra, we have more than two decades of expertise in manufacturing best quality rubberized coir mattresses to provide the best health benefits to our consumers. How do we do that? Let’s dive in.

The most significant materials for a Rubberized Coir Mattress are a rubberized coir bare block, comfort layers (made of PU Foam or Natural Latex) and the upholstery material, i.e., the fabric. This rubberized coir bare block is prepared first, with the help of different highly-equipped machines, using curled coir fibre and compounded latex.

It usually goes through almost 9 major processes before becoming a part of your mattress. Collecting the raw material, i.e., the good quality curled coir ropes, we first condition and de-curl them to extract the pith-free loose fibre in order to prepare the fibre base. Then spraying the compound latex throughout the fibre bases, they get arranged (one on top of the other ones) to prepare different density coir bares. Thereafter they pass through a drum press to get uniformity in shape. Again latex is sprayed on them to get a good finish and better adhesion. Then they are resized, hot pressed and hot chambered to become the foundation of your mattress.

In different coir mattresses, we use these coir blocks as a support layer. Different density of coir blocks we use in a variety of coir mattress. On top of these support layer, we place different comfort layers made of PU Foam, Memory Foam, or Natural Latex etc. depending on the desired firmness scale.

Last but never the least, we cover these supportive yet comfortable mattresses with the comfiest fabric, firmly stitch the tape edges and secure them with protective packaging materials to transfer them safely to our consumers’ places.

Where has it come from?

Wikipedia says, “The name ‘coir’ comes from ‘kayar’, the Malayalam word for a cord. Ropes and cordage have been made from coconut fibre since ancient times. Indian navigators who sailed the seas to Malaya, Java, China, and the Persian Gulf centuries ago used coir for their ship ropes.”

Later, in 1840, British people established a carpet firm in England and started using coir as a material of carpets and other floor covers. In the year 1859, Mr. James Darragh, an Irish born American, founded a coir manufacturing industry in Alleppey, Kerala. This is considered to be a pioneering effort to craft coir mattresses in India.

Can a coir mattress be the best choice?

Yes, why not? Made of natural ingredients, coir mattresses are eco-friendly, safe, non-allergenic and non-toxic. Certified Orthopaedic Coir Mattresses topped with good comfort layers are capable enough support your spine adequately, hence proven to be highly effective in escaping body pains and healing backache. They incredibly suit the back sleepers and mostly known as highly comfortable and durable mattresses. Let’s dig the details.

The advantages of a coir mattress:

  1. Eco-friendly material: Made of natural coconut fibres, coir mattresses are eco-friendly. We don’t need to use any harmful chemical to extract or treat the coir fibres. So, they are non-toxic and completely safe for your health and skin.
  2. Hygroscopic quality: Coir can easily absorb all moisture that could make your sleep uncomfortable and sweaty. That’s why coir mattresses are the best choices for the hot and humid countries offering you a restful sleep and refreshing morning.
  3. Perfect ventilation: Coir allows air to flow in and out and thus causes better ventilation. A well-ventilated mattress material maintains a cooler temperature and allows you to sleep comfortably and easily.
  1. Proper support: Made of latex coated natural coir fibre, the rubberized coir mattresses provide a medium-firm to firm body support (depending on the density of the coir bare block and the comfort layer on top of it) with a slightly springy feel. It also aligns with the spine correctly. As a result, back sleepers get proper back and body support and the chances or intensity of back pain effectively reduce.
  1. Anti-allergenic: Coir mattresses contain no dust or allergen. So, they could be the best fit for anyone, especially the ones who suffer from dust allergies.
  1. Highly durable: Treated with latex, heat-press and curing, rubberized coir mattresses become highly durable. In comparison with the other mattresses, they are affordable too.
  1. Low maintenance: Compared to the foam and spring mattresses, coir mattresses are really low in maintenance. Other than cleaning, it requires no maintenance at all.

The limitations of a coir mattress:

There is no such limitation for a good orthopedic rubberized coir mattress. But, a few coir mattresses may seem too firm if the comfort layer is not that comfortable. People often complain of sagging also when the coir bare block is not properly heat pressed or treated with latex. Also, if you expect a soft mattress to sleep on, coir mattresses are not made for you. They are meant to provide medium-firm body support and offers orthopedic benefits.

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