9 Advantages of Beauty Sleep

Wish to regain the glow on your face? Sleep better.

Surprised? You must have heard of beauty sleep and it exists. Getting adequate quality sleep can enhance your beauty. So, it is okay to skip late-nights and binge-watching of series and opt for beauty sleep.

How does sleep help in enhancing beauty?

Healthy & healed skin: There are several factors like sun, pollution, free radicals, active or passive smoking, the use of chemical irritants and unhealthy diet that keep damaging our skin regularly. Fortunately, our skin heals itself and this process gets faster when we sleep.

Flawlessness: Sleep promotes healthy blood circulation leaving our skin even-toned, healthy and rosy. That’s why, whether you slept properly or pull an all-nighter last night shows clearly on your face! Sleep-starved individuals, most of the times, complain about their pale and blemished skin without even realizing where from the problem originates.

Fewer pimples, fewer marks: Tension, anxiety, depression are the factors that leave patches not only on our brain but on our skin too. We tend to get more pimples and blackheads that leave unwelcomed marks. We may not know that to control anxiety and related issues, there can be no better solution than adequate sleep! Sleep better to look better.

Brighter eyes with lighter dark circles: People pulling all-nighters know better how badly they fight to hide or remove the stubborn dark circles. Sometimes, by inheritance, we get this unwanted gift but sleep deprivation worsens this condition too. So, if you wish to look gorgeous with bright eyes, allow your blood circulation to get better through proper sleep. Remember, chemicals may temporarily hide them but getting good sleep regularly can safeguard you from getting tired and puffy eyes with dreadful dark circles.

Younger look: Shocking but true that sleep-starvation may lead to early ageing. Skipping sleep regularly put on stress to our body and chronic stress disturbs the balance of collagen in the skin. Collagen takes care of the elasticity and the structure of our skin. So, when disrupted, our skin starts getting loose and signs of ageing show up. 

Better immunity for skin: Our skin has to be immune enough to defend against the infections and inflammations. When we get enough sleep, it produces proteins to effectively fight with germs and heal most of the skin conditions faster. On the contrary, if our immune system is weak, the skin issues like acne, psoriasis and eczema get aggravated.

In addition to the positive effects of beauty sleep on our physical attributions, there are some different aspects as well. Would you like to look gorgeous wearing heavy makeup while struggling to get mental peace? Could you still manage to look beautiful when you lack in confidence and proper communication? Sleep helps you to solve these issues also.

Higher confidence level: Besides healthy skin and bright eyes, wearing confidence scale up our beauty quotient. Mostly, this confidence comes through good knowledge and better presentation skill. How can sleep help here? Quality sleep is capable enough to provide better focus, sharper memory and better productivity. This combination helps a lot to be more confident.

Improved mental health: Adequate sleep helps us to keep calm, stay positive and decrease the level of anxiety. On the contrary, sleep deprivation can accompany issues with mental health. Researches show that disturbed sleep affects our brains’ activities and imbalances neurochemicals that may lead to mood swings and disturbed thought pattern. Moreover, people suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea are more likely to go into depression. If we are already going through mental illness, sleep deprivation is capable enough to aggravate the issue.

Better communication: Getting adequate sleep improves mood, removes groggier feelings and cuts down our anxiety. Additionally, proper sleep improves our ability to interact socially, properly understand facial expressions and social cues.

Hence, get a dose of adequate sleep each night and feel the change in and out.