8 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Mattress


Going to buy a mattress? The easiest way is to visit a nearby mattress store and consider the shopkeeper as your only source of information. But, would that be the right choice? Think twice because, we, the humans, spend one-third of our life sleeping. Other than sleep, the bed is our closest friend for relaxation, even in our most uncomfortable times. Moreover, once purchased, we spend a good number of years with it. Therefore, making a wise decision while choosing a mattress is important.

But, is it easy to choose the right mattress? Let us help you with this choice. There are a wide variety of mattresses available in the market. They differ in materials, comfort & support, size, offers, discounts, and other features like warranty and trial period. We had already discussed in our blog - What Differs When the Mattress Materials are Different earlier and explained how different materials serve different purposes. Also, in the same article, we discussed particular mattresses that suit a particular sleeping style or sleep position. 

So, for purchase is it enough to keep in mind the materials, serving your purposes, price, and suitability? Surprisingly, NO. Eight other factors need to be taken into consideration before making a purchase decision.

Hence, to help you make a better decision, we have come up with all the factors that can help you big time. Just stick around and read the full article to make your purchase decision better.

  1. Your Health Conditions:

Keep your health conditions in mind before purchasing a mattress. If you suffer from aches and pains, go for a medium-firm mattress with a coir base topped with a foam or latex layer to soothe your back. You need optimal comfort for uninterrupted sleep and ample support so that your spine can rest properly. Too hard mattresses lack comfort, cause uneasiness, and disturb sleep. On the contrary, too soft mattresses seem comfortable but lack in providing support to your spine. Certified orthopedic mattresses would be a great choice for those who suffer from back pain.

You should also check if your preferred mattress brand can offer you a suitable standard mattress based on your choices or health conditions or can customize its comfort layers for your better sleep experience.

  1. Your Sleep Partner:

Sleeping with someone? Does your partner have a habit of tossing and turning the whole night? Choose a good mattress that isolates the motion, thus taking care of your relationship and sleep. Pocket spring mattress proves to be the best choice for ‘no partner disturbance’, and comfortable sleep for both the sleepers.

  1. The Size:

You need to measure your cot size properly before going to purchase a mattress. It should fit your cot properly. Else, it may deform with time and fail to serve your purposes.

If you are going to buy a cot as well, we will suggest a single to go for single sizes (economical) or double sizes (for extra space), a couple for queen sizes, and a couple with a kid for king sizes. If you’re taller than average, you will also get options to go for larger sizes in all Single, Double, Queen, or King variants.

Standard mattress sizes available in the market are:


















Standard sizes do not match with your cot size? Check whether your preferred mattress brand can customize the size for you or not.


  1. Warranty, Returns & Trial Period:

Even if you get a few mattress options that seem to fit all your criteria, ask for the warranty, return policy, and trial period if there is any. The durability of a mattress cannot be tested by a buyer but a decent period of warranty assurance can make your purchase safe. Besides, testing a mattress physically for an hour also may deceive you after purchasing it. It takes a minimum of a month to understand whether the mattress fulfills your criteria or not. Ask for the window within which you can return a mattress within initial 2-3 months if you do not get the comfort that you thought of. Also, make a note of the return policies before purchasing it. Check for deductions and how much they deduct if your mattress fails its purposes or comes up with manufacturing defects.

  1. Customer Service:

Almost every brand promises to keep its customers happy before you buy products from them. Check the reviews FOR THE brand you prefer to purchase from. Try to see if it keeps its promises and takes care of its customers when there is a complaint or service request. Better to go for genuine brands with a happy customer base. Also, when you call its customer care, the support executives value your time, take calls promptly, and resolve your issues within a minimal TAT (Turn-Around-Time) rather than making you wait with annoying recorded voices played repeatedly for hours.

  1. Online vs. Offline:

Shortage of time, adverse situation, or the distances between physical mattress stores most of the time make us feel that buying a mattress online is much easier. Comparing mattresses among several options with relevant information and free home delivery – are making an online mattress purchase popular these days. The only hitch in buying online is that we cannot check the comfort scale of the mattresses physically. Better is to make the choice online, gather all relevant information about the mattress material, comfort scale, size, type, and so on. Even if the dilemma persists, check for the nearest experience store of that mattress brand and CHECK it.

  1. Try before you buy or check genuine customer reviews:

Before swiping your debit or credit card, you must know what you are spending on. The best option for a sleeper is to lie down, sit up, relax on the mattress for at least 10 minutes to check it before making the purchase decision. If your desired mattress brand does not have an experience store nearby and you want to buy the mattress online, visit popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart or review sites or check reviews on the Company Website submitted by the verified purchasers/BUYERS MAY BE A BETTER WORD.

  1. Budget:

Remember that high rate card does not assure of higher quality. And, mattresses are for long term usage. Therefore, do not rely only on high-value products but check personally whether all your criteria are getting fulfilled by the mattress of your choice. Gather all possible information from their website, their brochures, or the representative who helps you to choose the mattress. Invest in a good mattress that takes proper care of your health and well-being.