About Us


M.E. Meeran,  Chairman,
Eastern Group of Companies




‘Nidra’ means sleep in Sanskrit. The promise of good sleep and rest is ensured by Eastern Mattresses Pvt. Ltd which manufactures and sells the Sunidra range of mattresses, cushions and pillows. The world-class rubberized coir mattresses are manufactured at Thodupuzha in Idukki district, Kerala. Coir, a natural fibre derived from coconut husk adds to comfort and luxury of the mattress.

A part of the Eastern conglomerate which has interests in food, condiments, textiles, rubber, education and packaged water, Eastern Mattresses Pvt Ltd. manufactures quality mattresses at a state-of-the-art facility. Sunidra rubberized coir mattress uses the UNICOM technology to combine the resilience of coir for contoured support with the sensuous comfort of foam that ensures blissful, comfortable and healthy sleep.

Excellent quality at right pricing has made Sunidra popular inside and outside Kerala. Exported to many countries, Sunidra has notched a significant position in the mattress market. Eastern Mattresses also manufactures soft and comfortable pillows and cushions.

Keeping with the times, professionals with specialized training and valuable experience assist the the chairman Mr. Navas Meeran in the management.The activities of the Company are reviewed weekly through a Corporate Management Committee, which consists of the key personnel of the Group.